#freakinapptasticfriday presents: Apple Music

My obsession for #freakinapptasticfriday is Apple Music.


I switched mobile plans earlier this week, and I was able to upgrade to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. I held some previous reservations about the phone — it’s large and gives off a “talking into a tablet” vibe. I thought I might as well carry my computer with me everywhere, which, okay, I already do, but I wouldn’t like to use it as a personal phone. However, the Plus is now another obsession of mine, as well as the new world of apps and capabilities it has introduced me to.

I always find products I love and sometimes, I ignore the “biggest and baddest” updated versions, purely because I love the older ones so much more. However, Apple Music made its way into my heart, and I now prefer it over the other music apps I use.

The things I love most about Apple Music are: the ability to listen to and download anything from the entire Apple music library at any time,blogapplemusic2 enjoy specially curated playlists that are suggested based on music I currently like, and (for all those iPhone users) Siri doing the dirty work by searching through all the music for me so I can listen to any song I have stuck in my head at the moment. Apple Music also comes with “Connect” and “Beats 1” radio, but I haven’t gotten into those two yet.

My previous obsessions included other radio apps, but the one’s I used were for discovering music related to the stuff I wanted to listen to, and I wasn’t able to listen exclusively to one artist or chose what songs I wanted to hear. They also came with a limit on how many times I could skip through the music, which is unlimited with Apple Music. blogapplyplaylistsAnd again, I can’t force Siri to find the song or artist I want to listen to on them.

Overall, though, the obsession I love the most with Apple Music is the ability to create my own playlists with any songs I want. I don’t have to already own them, I can just look them up in the music library, download them to my own, and plug them into the list I’m making. I can even share what I make, which is an awesome throwback to the days where my friends and I spent hours making mixed CDs for each other (shout-out to my brothers, who are mixtape 80’s kids!).
(*This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Apple and nothing was given in return for writing it)

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